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WL Madden is a consulting company designed to take your business to the next level. We work hard to get your company the funding needed to take on new projects, purchase newer tools, move buildings, or anything in between that's holding you and your business back from reaching its potential. Get in contact with us today to get started!

Why WL Madden?

Funding Flexibility

We know that getting your project funded isn't always an easy process. Our professional consulting team will make sure that your project gets in front of the right lenders so you have the funds in a timely manner. Our consultants make themselves available around the clock to ensure you get funded by your projects deadline. WL Madden funds Oil and Gas leases, Water treatment facilities, CBD projects, Aerospace technology and anything that makes sense in numbers!

Competitive Rates

WL Madden has relationships with private lenders that understand how hard it is to get funding from traditional lenders. Most banks don’t want to help businesses unless there is little to no risk, and that isn't the American way! WL Madden wants to help stimulate the economy by helping business owners who have a vision and dream. We offer competitive rates, even compared to traditional lenders. WL Madden will go the extra mile to ensure your business gets the best possible rates.

Accredited Business

WL Madden is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau, as well as licensed, bonded and insured across the country. We have made it our mission to make a difference in the funding world. We are the first funding company that offers all of the consulting services you need to drive more customers into your business. WL Madden offers custom websites, mobile apps, SEO, sales funnels and has a full scale telemarketing department to help develop leads regardless of your industry!

Full Consultancy Services

WL Madden is the first ever funding company that offers every business service your business needs to flourish. We’ve developed relationships with all services you will need to get your business to the next level. We offer in-house website development, SEO, telemarketing staff for lead development, and sales funnels for your website. WL Madden will get you the funding you need, and then consult with you on how to grow your business using our knowledgeable consultants and cutting edge software.

Professional Staff

WL Madden knows how important our staff can be to ensuring long term success in the consulting industry. Relationships and transparency are everything in today's business world. We take pride in vetting our staff and constantly monitoring each and every business transaction so that we can maintain long-lasting relationships built on trust and efficiency. WL Madden is a faith based organization that believes in full disclosure and transparency in all aspects of our business, and we apply that in our day-to-day interactions with our consumers.

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